Matthew Vandeputte

Matthew Vandeputte, born in Belgium is considered one of Australia's leading hyperlapse photographers. Matthew currently resides in Sydney. 


Q. Did you study photography at university or are you self-taught?

A. I am completely self-taught. In film school we had an intro to photography, which was nothing more than talking about the basics. 
My photography became more serious when I started exploring time lapse two years later.

Q. Is your work pre conceptualized or is it on the spot?

A. Depends on the project. I often go out to shoot just because I enjoy doing it. Other projects are more storyboarded (The Dish, for example). Depending on the time constraints of course. Most of the time I create the video in post, meaning I shoot as much as I can on the spot and figure out how I want to deliver it while editing. Just kinda pop into my head and then I write them down.I’ve got a lot of notepads with a lot of ideas scattered around. 
I draw inspiration from others too, however I hate totally copying a style or idea. When I even get faintly inspired by someone I make sure to let people know where that idea came from.


Q. What’s your go to gear? E.g. I see you use a Kessler crane a lot , and why? 

A. Kessler Crane is my preferred motion control gear for sure. It’s totally reliable and built like a tank. I can fit the moco head on my slider for three axis moves or chuck it on my tripod for a more simple pan and tilt.
As for cameras: I’m a Canon man! I’ve started out shooting Canon and feel very comfortable using their bodies and glass. Aside of the gear, my relationship with Canon Australia has grown over the years and I consider a lot of the people there as friends. It’d be hard to let them go.

Q. Who’s been your favourite person to work with and why?

A. I’ve been fortunate to have worked alongside some very inspirational people. Since my move to Australia one of the most important ones has been cinematographer Abraham Joffe. A passion for cinematic documentaries and a very helpful guy.

Q. Where do you prefer to shoot? Studio? On location? 

A. I don’t think I’ve ever shot in studio! Definitely on location, cityscape or landscape doesn’t matter, as long as there’s a few clouds around.

Q. Do you like shooting on different formats? 

A. I shoot full frame and full frame only. I’d probably explore medium format too.


Q. Do you shoot in abundance or do you really minimize your work?

A. I try to keep it to the ‘bangers’, although it’s important to have enough cutawayshots or b-roll. Over the years I’ve grown in that aspect, I used to shoot everything I could.

Q. How did you come across photographing with the canon collective?

A. After getting to know a few people at Canon the Collective asked me to host a few events. They’re all about providing people with great experiences and opportunities and I’m all for that!

Q. Your photos are very prominent in quality and clarity, how do you achieve this?

A. By shooting stuff that looks good in real life you have very little work in post!


Q. The colour in your photos are so vivid and spot on, how do you achieve this?

A. Same as above. I almost exclusively shoot around golden hour which enhances everything around us.

Q. What’s your process on editing your images?

A. I edit my RAW files/sequences to my liking in Lightroom then use After Effects to create up to 8K video files. These get edited in FCPX or Premiere Pro.

Q. Why did you start shooting hyper lapse?

A. I saw ZweiZwei on Vimeo post a few shots and they blew my mind. The technique didn’t even have a name yet and he wasn’t giving away much info about how he did it. Me and a few others on the Timescapes forum exchanged info and tips and that’s how I came to shooting hyperlapses. A couple months later I got my first paid gig shooting Tomorrowland (a massive dance festival in Belgium) with Epic Cinema and it kept growing from there.

Q. Tips to others trying to get into hyper lapse?

A. Shoot shoot shoot. The only way to get better at it is to learn from your mistakes. Youtube and Google have all the tutorials but it’s all about getting the feel of it.

Q. What camera do you shoot with?

A. My main camera is the Canon 5DSR followed by two 5DMkIII’s. I’m waiting on news on new cameras to see whether I’ll invest in the 1DXMkII. I’m very intrigued by the low light performance and video on that unit!

Q. How did you come across “Bruce” your DJI Phantom?

A. Ever since the first few drone videos hit the internet I’ve wanted one. When the Phantom 3 came out and I found one secondhand but new for a decent price I couldn’t help myself. I wish I had made that jump sooner as I enjoy flying and shooting so much.

Q. Any new gear you have that you have fallen in love with?

A. I recently bought a Ricoh Theta S 360 camera. Amazing little toy, keep an eye out on my youtube channel as I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on. The resolution isn’t mind boggling but that’ll improve in no time.