Greg Hunt

Greg Hunt is a skate filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles, USA. He has worked on commercials for some of the biggest skating brands in the world, including Vans, DC and Quicksilver. 

Q.    What was the first camera you owned?

A. Bolex Rex-4 16mm camera. I ended up using it on almost every project I made.

Q.    What started your passion for filmmaking over pursuing a career in skating?

A. The company I skated for, Stereo Skateboards, was making some really creative films with 8mm and stills in the 1990's and that's what got me into it. At the same time I was getting really into shooting stills, so it all kind of happened at once. Working with cameras was the only thing I loved as much as skateboarding so when things started shifting for me in that world I transitioned over pretty quickly.

Q.    Do you think one day you will stop being a DP and director for skate videos and move on to different styles and forms of film (eg. feature films, experimental, short films)?

A. I already have! I work as a commercial director / DP now and I'm also doing some other film projects.

Q.    Is there any skateboarder you would love to film that you haven’t yet?

A. To be honest, not really. I'm really digging watching skating right now as just a skateboarder and not an industry insider or skate filmmaker.

Q.    What was the first proper gig you got as a filmmaker and what advice would you give to your past self then?

A. That's hard to say, but I guess my first proper gig was working for DC Shoes in 2001. I actually wouldn't give my then-self any advice, I was totally going for it in those days. One of the first things I did is rent a helicopter! If anything, I sometimes look back and am amazed at what I pulled off. It's like the Bob Seger lyric, "I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then".

Q.    A lot of your photographs are in black and white, any reason for that?

A. It's a total contrast from my other work and I just love working in black and white in general. It's a great way to look at the world. Plus I like keeping it consistent so I've always stuck to Tri-x and T-max 3200.


Q.    Do you ever think you will pursue a serious career in photography as well as directing and cinematography?

A. No, I like having something that's just my own and not reliant on income or deadlines.

Q.    Do you like to edit a lot of the work you do yourself?

A. Not really but I always just do by default. I prefer collaboration whenever possible. It's better to have more brains behind a project as long as everyone is clicking creatively.

Q.    What do you enjoy most about filming skate videos?

A. The premiere!