Alex Spurway

20 year old photographer, Alex Spurway, has blown up the Instagram scene with his awe-inspiring combination of street and nature photography. 


Q. Where are you based in the world?

A. I grew up and lived in Sydney for 16 years, now living in Brisbane.


Q. Is your work pre conceptualised or is it on the spot?

A. 50/50, for some of my shoots I know what the location looks like and I am able to conceptualise a composition and some nice lighting in my head.

Other times my shots are completely spontaneous; if I like the look of something I see, I will work my way around finding a composition and getting a good shot. I find that my landscape photos are more pre planned, whereas urban photos are more on the spot. But of course there are always those things you can’t predict.


Q. Did you study photography at university or are you self taught? If you did study, where?

A. Completely self-taught and still learning. 


Q. What’s your favourite aspect of photography?

A. My favourite thing about photography is being able to see the world in a different way. Ever since I started shooting I have been to places I would never have even dreamed of, seen the world in a different light and met some great people along the way. Photography motivates me so much to get out and explore, whether that means wandering around the city finding hidden spots or road tripping around the state and country. Photography has taken me to so many new places that I would otherwise never seen, and I am able to share these experiences with an audience.

Q. Do you keep up with photography trends?

A. I find a lot of today’s photography trends are pretty stupid to begin with; following a trend shows that you lack creativity to come up with your own unique shots; they are cliché for a reason. I much prefer doing my own thing and not worry about what other people think.

Q. You do a lot of nature and street photography. Do you prefer nature or street photography?

A. I do enjoy shooting within an urban landscape, but recently I have started gearing more towards nature/landscape photography.


Q. What gear do you use to take your photographs?

A. I currently use a Canon 6D with the 24–70 F4 L and a 16-35 F4 L lenses.


Q. Have you recently fallen in love with any new gear?

A. I have only just upgraded from a canon 70D, and so far my Canon 6D and the two lenses have completely changed the game for me.


Q. Do you like to use any other formats besides digital? e.g. Polaroid, 35mm film, medium format?

A. I haven’t shot on any other formats other than digital.


Q. How do you edit your photos?

A. All my editing is done in Adobe Lightroom. I like soft blacks and a bit of a fade to my photos. I use the tone curve extensively. I like the sky to be white in my landscape photos.


Q. What’s been your favourite place to photograph ever?

A. Recently I took a trip to Kanangra Boyd National Park, 3 hours West of Sydney. Such an amazing place, was out of this world. Can’t wait to go back!


Q.  Who is your favourite photographer to collaborate with? Why?

A. I enjoy collaborating and shooting with my mate Cameron (@cammington), he is always so motivated and a great person to work with especially when shooting landscapes. 
We have been on several successful shoots, he has a great eye for composition.



Q. What would be your best advice for aspiring landscape and street photographers? 



A. Landscape: it's all about lighting. Think about how the location will look under different lighting situations, consider the direction of the sun, get there early because the best lighting is always right before and after sunrise. 

Street: don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone for a shot. You may feel like everyone is watching you but who cares what other people think. If you see a shot you want, get it.